Approved Special Sessions

  • SS01: Security and Privacy in Assistive Autonomous and Robotic Systems

    Session Chair: Jims Marchang

    Co-chair: Alessandro Di Nuovo, Jade McDonald

  • SS02: Recent Advancements in AI/ML-Assisted Safety Strategies for Technical Processes

    Session Chair: Shen Yin

    Co-chair Yuchen Jiang

  • SS03: Robot Learning and Compliant Interaction Control

    Session Chair: Dr.Weiyong Si

    Co-chair: Dr.Zhehao Jin

  • SS04: Safe and Efficient Robot Interaction Planning, Control and Applications

    Session Chair: Dr.Jing Luo

    Co-chair: Dr.Chao Zeng, Dr.Yueyue Liu

  • SS05: Robotics for Society

    Session Chair: Gilbert Tang

    Co-chair: Rebecca Raper

  • SS06: Intelligent Robotics, Perception and Flexibility

    Session Chair: Seemal Asif

    Co-chair: Pedro Ferreria

  • SS07: Robotics for Environment Monitoring and Information Gathering

    Session Chair: Cunjia Liu

    Co-chair: Hyondong Oh, Yuanchang Liu, Hyo-sang Shin

  • SS08: Advanced Technologies in Sensing, Robotics, and Automation for Smart Agriculture

    Session Chair: Kang Liu

    Co-chair: Lin Jiao, Yawei Zhang

  • SS09: Energy Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing Robotics

    Session Chair: William Holderbaum

    Co-chair: Eileen Su Lee Ming, Mingyu Wu

  • SS10: Advances in UAV Intelligent Systems

    Session Chair: Steven Li

    Co-chair: Juha Röning

  • SS11: Advanced Mechatronics for Offshore and Marine Systems

    Session Chair: Jing Zhou

    Co-chair: Houxiang Zhang

  • SS12: Advanced Robotic Manipulation

    Session Chair: Jihong Zhu

    Co-chair: Zhan Li

  • SS13: Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing

    Session Chair: Yongjing Wang

    Co-chair: John Oyekan

  • SS14: Advanced Technologies in Power Electronics Converter

    Session Chair: Liping Mo

    Co-chair: Teng Long, Zheng Zeng, Chaoqiang Jiang

  • SS15: Learning Enabled Advanced Control for Industrial Automation

    Session Chair: Zhenhong Li

    Co-chair: Kewei Xia, Zongyu Zuo

  • SS16: Advances in Autonomous Robot Sensing and Control for Industrial and Special Applications

    Session Chair: Yiming Jiang

    Co-chair: Hui Zhang, Hang Zhong, Yun Feng

  • SS17: Modern Energy Systems: Advanced Applications of Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing

    Session Chair: Pragathi Bellamkonda

    Co-chair: Mohamed I. Mosaad

  • SS18: Scene Understanding in Industrial processes

    Session Chair: Yefeng Liu

    Co-chair: Qichun Zhang, Xinfu Pang

  • SS19: Emerging Technologies in Wireless Power Transfer

    Session Chair: Jiayu Zhou

    Co-chair: Jon Are Suul, Yuanshuang Fan, Chaoqiang Jiang

  • SS20: Augmented Humanity using Wearable, Mobile and Metaverse Devices for Critical-Safety Systems

    Session Chair: Yunshan Pan

    Co-chair: Hao Wang, Yiming Luo, Di Wu, Yihong Wang, Zhaojie Luo

  • SS21: EV and DER Grid Integration

    Special Session Topics

    Session Chair: Syed M. Nawazish Ali

    Co-chair: Mahdi Jalili, Amin Hajizadeh

  • SS22: Environmental Perception, Planning, and Control of Multi-Robots

    Session Chair: Gangqi Dong

    Co-chair: Junjie Kang, Xiaodong Yan, Lu Chen

  • SS23: Advanced Control of Grid-Connected Converters for Distributed Generation and Power Quality

    Session Chair: Hadi Kanaan

    Co-chair: Abdallah Kouzou, Kamal Al-Haddad

  • SS24: Advances in Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control for Industrial Systems

    Session Chair: Zhiwen Chen

    Co-chair: Hao Luo, Linlin Li

  • SS25: Microbial Fuel Cell: From Renewable Energy to Plug’n’Play Embedded Power Solution

    Session Chair: Mieyeville fabien

    Co-chair: Bruno Allard, Yannis Leropoulos, Vincenzo Ferrara

  • SS26: Human-Centred Intelligent Systems

    Session Chair: Philip Zhao

    Co-chair: Daniele Martini, Emma Li, Chengguang Yang, Marco Cristani

  • SS27: DC-DC Power Converters-New Circuits, Control, and Applications

    Session Chair: Veerpratap Meena

    Co-chair: J Baskaran, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Vinay Pratap Singh

  • SS28: Intelligent Perception, Control and Safe Protection for Smart Transportation

    Session Chair: Haifeng Song

    Co-chair: Min Zhou

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